Sun and Shadows on a Snowy Driveway

Snowy Alley off Alto

Snowy Winter Night on Canyon Road

Cozy Evening Ahead

Snowy Santa Fe Driveway

Autumn in the Jemez River Valley

6x6 $50

Soft Winter Shadows on Canyon Road

9x12 $120

El Dorado Roof Shadows

5x7 $40

Jemez River Pageantry

11x14 $150

Casa Carmelita

8x10  $80

Taos Pueblo in Moonlight

18x24 $400

Ranchos de Taos Beauty 

16x20 $320

Santa Fe Off the Plaza

12x16 $200

Abuquiu Cottonwoods 3

12x16 $200

Sunny Summer Day in Taos

16X20  Unavailable

Abandoned Adobe

12x16  $200

Moonlight Through the Gate

16x20 $300

Hacienda - Cuba NM

11x14 $150

Winter Night Lights

11x14 $150

New Mexico House in Fall

8x10 $100

Bright December Morning

9x12  Sold

Hot Summer Day at Ranchos de Taos Plaza

11x14  Sold

Incense Burner Still Life

5x7 $40

Hacienda View

5x7  $40

Cerro Gordo Road Shadows

NM-4 South of Jemez Springs

6x6  @El Nicho

Old Barn at the Hacienda

Cat Mesa from NM-4

Winter Shadows

Adobe in Fun Colors

8x10 Sold

Paseo de Peralta - Autumn Beauty

11x 14  @El Nicho

Christmas Kiva

4x6 Sold

Down a Back Road in Abiquiu

8x10  @El Nicho

Taos Pueblo in the Moonlight 2

8x10  @El Nicho

Rustic Adobe Door

5x7  @El Nicho

Santa Fe Flower Pot

5x7  Sold

Kokopelli Goard Still Life

5x7  @El Nicho

Cozy Adobe in Winter

4x6 Sold

Abandoned Adobe 2

8x10 Sold

Shadow Play on Adobe

8x10 sold

Midnight Moonlight Off the Plaza

5x7 Sold

Turquoise Window on a Fall Afternoon

5x7 Sold

Rustic Adobe in Spring

8x10  Sold

Winter Afternoon

8x10  Sold

Santa Fe Flower Pot Pop

11x14 Unavailable

El Nicho!

8x10 Unavailable